by Sophia Nash

April 2005
ISBN: 0-451-21473-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Mass Market Paperback

Lord William Barclay loves women. This affection has landed him in hot water from time to time, but never like his current predicament. Faced with marriage to an unremarkable young woman, and completely innocent of the supposed seduction, Will chooses freedom and heads to his friendís house in the country.

Miss Sophie Somerset is the talk of the ton. Not necessarily because she is an heiress, but because her gauche behavior keeps her in the spotlight. Gaining her inheritance requires a notable marriage, and her chances are dimming by the hour.

When these two outcasts meet, not only do the sparks fly, but also an agreement is reached. Will offers some etiquette lessons so that Sophieís husband hunt will be successful, while Sophie plans to teach Will how to attract the interest of a true lady.

The plot may be obvious, dear readers, but oh, how the journey twists and turns!

Sophie and Will are a delight. Willís half-French background adds Gallic charm to an already unrepentant roguish nature. The seduction and the chase are in his blood, and he thrives on them. Sophie is no meek young miss, but an outspoken and vibrant woman who is placed in an untenable situation. Having to satisfy the terms of her inheritance has placed her the spotlight. Her modest life as a parsonís daughter has left her unprepared for the harsh criticisms of the ton, where dissembling is an art form. Several secondary characters are also finely drawn, but Willís valet, Jack Farquhar, is beyond compare.

Author Sophia Nash is gaining a strong readership among Regency fans, following in the celebrated footsteps of authors like Mary Balogh. Lord Will and Her Grace is another gem in her ever-growing list of outstanding books. If you have never read a series Regency, then you are missing some of the finest writing in romance. Ms. Nashís latest endeavor will be a wonderful introduction.

Reviewed in July 2005 by Paula.

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