by Kate Douglas

March 2005
ISBN: 1-59596-125-9
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In Kate Douglas’ Wolf Tales 5: Chanku, San Francisco native Keisha Rialto is a landscape architect whose life seems to finally be getting on the right track. A victim of a vicious, gang rape (read Wolf Tales 3: Anton and Wolf Tales 4: Keisha for more), Keisha has been struggling to get her life back. Keisha’s story takes place over three installments in Ms. Douglas’ Wolf Tales series, so by the time we get to story number five, Keisha has healed and is comfortable with her new life.

Keisha’s “new life” is as a member of a pack of shape-shifting wolves called the Chanku. I don’t want to give away too much of this marvelous series, but I must reveal a bit from the other stories to review story number five, the last in the series. After Keisha’s rape, she is sought out by Chanku pack members Anton, Alexandria and Stefan. Even though they live in a completely different state, Anton felt her pain and they find Keisha to help her heal. Keisha has no idea that she is a shape-shifter. Read the series to understand how she could have possibly been a wolf her entire life and not be aware of it and how her powers are suddenly coming to the forefront now, because I can’t do the explanation justice here.

Back to story number five. In this story, Keisha has been living with the pack and flourishing beautifully. Her old life comes back to haunt her, however. She has a slimy reporter on her trail who is convinced that she is a wolf and wants pictures of her shifting for his newspaper to prove it. Additionally, her proposed designs for a memorial garden in San Francisco’s famed Golden Gate Park has won her the job of designing it. So, she must leave her safe haven with her pack and go back to San Francisco. Anton, the alpha of the pack and Keisha’s mate, doesn’t want her to go back alone. Since business concerns prevent him from going, Alexandria accompanies Keisha. Already a great, well-written story, it gets even better from here!

I am so glad I stumbled over this series! The characters and situations are not just interesting, they are downright believable. It takes a talented author indeed to be able to make a reader not only believe in human characters who shift into wolves, but to actually feel all of their emotions. And the sex, well the sex in this series could start a three-alarm blaze! I urge any reader interested in great reading to buy this series. You could not possibly be disappointed.

Reviewed in November 2005 by Lisa.

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