by Rachel Carrington

March 2005
ISBN: 1-4199-0178-8
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Carla Morgan leads a high-powered life as a stockbroker. She has it all: wealth, a fab penthouse home, and plenty of friends. Too bad she doesn’t have a man to come home to, someone who loves her and wants to listen to her day. Carla is in desperate need for some love and affection, and of course, lots of wild and uninhibited sex with the man of her dreams. She often wishes that she was far away from the stress of her job and from her family, parents who only care about appearances and a sister who is constantly put-down by her husband.

When her friend Jenny convinces Carla to take an unexpected trip to England, Carla initially refuses, but with some encouragement, Carla agrees. Before she knows it, she is touring Heath Castle. She sits down to read a book of poetry in the library while Jenny finishes up an interview, and falls asleep. When she wakes up, she is in a bedroom, with a strange man sitting next to her…a strange but very sexy man.

Sinclair Heath didn’t know what to expect when the soothsayer came to visit him, insisting that the woman of his dreams was about to arrive at Heath Castle, and that this woman would be from a different time. Sinclair isn’t sure if the soothsayer speaks the truth but his curiosity wins out, and he finds out how to bring Carla into his time, the year 1811.

Carla is disorientated and very freaked out when she wakes to discover that she’s no longer in the twenty-first century. She wants to go home, to her time. She doesn’t want to be attracted to the delicious and sinful Sinclair. She doesn’t want to have to make a choice between staying with him and possibly forming the great love connection she’s been searching for, or having to go back home to loneliness and stress. But that’s just what she has to do; she has to make Choices. Nobody can decide for her, least of all Sinclair as he points out time and time again. Carla’s decision rests only with her heart.

So begins Rachel Carrington’s Choices, a time-travel romance that features a to-die-for hero and a very courageous and astute heroine. The combination of the dark and sensual Sinclair with the more pragmatic and forward thinking Carla proves to be very potent, ensuring the reader is taken on a wonderful journey of the heart. Ms. Carrington does an amazing job of conveying the initial confusion that Carla feels, while also showing how Carla quickly starts to care for Sinclair.

This is the first Rachel Carrington story I’ve read, but if this romantic and intriguing romance is anything to go by, Ms. Carrington may just have to be added to my must-buy list. Choices focuses on the tough choices one has to make in life, and though Carla’s decision is fictitious, whether to stay in 1811 with the man she is falling in love with, or to go home so her family stops worrying, her difficult decision is nevertheless very believable and realistic. This story is a winner from the first page to the very last.

Reviewed in March 2005 by Sarah.

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