by Elisa Adams

March 2005
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Five years ago Trentís world was destroyed. His fiancť was murdered and he was the accused. Though acquitted of the murder, the people around Trent still believed it to be true, maybe the fact that heís a bestselling horror author lent to their belief. Trent decides to leave Chicago and move to a quiet little Massachusetts town. Everybody in Hammond, MA has a ghost story for Trent. While he first thinks it is due to his genre of writing, Trent soon learns that one such ghost story, the one about the house heís living in, is true.

At just 51 pages Edenís Curse doesnít feel like a short story. It was so well rounded with a bit of suspense, sex, and finally love that it felt more like a full-length book. This is truly a sign of a great author. Trent and Edenís stories unravel at such a nice pace that there is no feeling of dragging or rushing the story line. Both our main characters have such strong emotions of great sorrow that I was nearly dragged into despair. However, Trentís ability to keep an open mind, mainly due to his profession, lifted the mood . . . as does the great sex! For a well written book with a paranormal flair, you will most definitely enjoy Edenís Curse.

Reviewed in July 2005 by Vikky.

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