by Grace Grant, P.J. MacAllister

May 2005
ISBN: 0-373-89521-6
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Doris and Ronnie (Veronica) are two graduate students at Langsdale University in Indiana. The two are as different as an apple and an orange; Doris is white and hails from Brooklyn New York and Ronnie is black and proud from Los Angeles. It probably even surprises them that they have managed to become best friends. The bond that ties them is the unequivocal fact that they are both single women, and as such, they can share the ups and downs and the laughter and the tears that come from being members of the sisterhood.

In pursuit of their degrees, Doris and Ronnie will learn a great deal more than the themes behind Shakespeare. They will discover that the most important lessons are not graded, and they are not taught in classrooms. They are learned through living each day as though it were the last.

Grace Grant and P.J. MacAllister have penned a blockbuster with Flyover States. Flyover States is a thought-provoking ride infused with laugh-out-loud humor and sparkling dialogue. The story itself is a breath of fresh air in its originality, and the words flow naturally, without effort.

Doris and Ronnie are two of the most enthralling characters ever created and even amidst all their heartaches, one cannot help but want to trade places with them. They survive the married men, the bisexuals, and the ignorant people of the world with a vitality and zest for life that can only be admired. Their sidekicks are a riot all by themselves.

Flyover States is the literary journey you’ve been waiting for. Take a trip to your favorite bookstore today.

Reviewed in April 2005 by Natasha.