by Mandy M. Roth and Michelle Pillow

March 2005
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Even though Clare is slightly repressed, she got that way by being betrayed one to many times by the men in her life. Why canít there be a normal male out there that will stay true for once, instead of acting like a dog and humping anything that it will? Sometimes she just wished that she could be more like her best friend Kira, carefree and open to new experiences. Kira is the epitome of free spirit. She is also smart, extremely sexual in all that she does, and doesnít take crap from anyone, especially men. She has never met a man that could even partway control her stubborn side, and doubts that she ever will. What people donít know is that Kira uses this side of herself to hide what she really feels.

Dominik isnít a normal male. As alpha of his pack of werewolves he is a rare breed of supernatural male with some special tricks up his sleeve that normal werewolves do not possess. Like the ability to make people feel whatever he wants to them feel; fear, pain, lust. Along with his friend Braden, a vampire, he has joined the Pleasure Cruise for his mate. Braden has been told almost all his life that he would most likely never find his true mate, as had his best friend Dominik. With the supernatural community starting the dwindle something had to be done to make sure that the supernatural species of the world survived. When told that he and Dominik would both find their mates on board the Pleasure Cruise Braden knew that it was time to find the joy in life that was slowly starting to dwindle away.

Clare and Kira both prepared for their cruise in different fashions, but they both of the shock of their lives when they found out that the Pleasure Cruise was really a mating cruise for supernatural creatures. And when they find out that their mates are a lycan and a vampire, all hell breaks lose. Clare doesnít think that she can handle a man like Dominik, but there is something about him that makes her want to throw away all of her inhibitions and show him her animal side. Kira on the other hand has a volatile fear of vampires as a pack of rogue vampires murdered her family. Not only does she have to come to terms with her feelings for Braden and what he is, but Braden needs to find a way to get around Kiraís fear of supernatural beings.

Pleasure Cruise is an entertaining romp on the wild side of life. Taking a leaf from the pages of The Love Boat, Michelle Pillow and Mandy Roth bring their own style to the plight of romance and love in the supernatural realm. Braden and Dominik are as Alpha as Alphaís get, hot from the first introduction, and finally detonating the pages of the story with widely erotic sex scenes. The only problem that I had with the story is how quickly both Clare and Kira give into the demands of the men. They didnít put up as much of a fight as I though they would, especially Kira. All in all, the story is a fun read even if the storyline fell a little flat in certain areas.

Reviewed in May 2005 by Angel.