by Joey W. Hill, Lacey Alexander, Elizabeth Lapthorne

March 2005
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In Board Resolution by Joey W. Hill, Savannah believes she has the man in charge of Kensington & Associates, Matthew Kensington, and the four men of his management team eating out of her hand. She works closely with these five men and is very attracted to them all, especially Matt. Having grown up in a strict business-like household, Savannah runs her life by a set of rules issued by her father. She has always been the one in control. An after-hours meeting is about to change all her rules.

Mia has always wanted her brother’s best friend, Ty. In Mardi Gras by Lacey Alexander Mia works for Ty and spends all her time fantasizing about him. After overhearing one of Ty’s fantasies, Mia decides it’s time to give Ty a taste of Mistress Mina at a Mardi Gras party. Even though Mia knows this has to be a one time encounter, Ty has different ideas.

In Elizabeth Lapthorne’s Hidden Desires a mystical mask shows Lily the man of her dreams. Of course this is the present and the mask is showing her being ravished by a highwayman. When Lily meets her man at a masquerade ball, she decides to throw caution to the wind and take him back to her hotel room. Here’s where the fun begins and the mask shows even more.

All three stories in the Behind the Mask anthology involve couples who already know each other, if only of each other. They all involve secret feelings that are finally brought out into the open, but in a devious type of way. Luckily this doesn’t interfere too much with their relationships. I enjoyed all three of the heroines. I found them all to be smart and determined women, willing to go after what they want. I believe that I may have liked Savannah (Board Resolution)a bit more because of her upbringing and the trouble she has getting over the rules her father had set up for her all her life. I also took great pleasure in Matthew (same book) and his men, more because . . . well what woman wouldn’t want four men who took pleasure in bringing her to pleasure time and again! I thoroughly enjoyed all three stories in this anthology and would willingly and enthusiastically recommend the book to everyone!

Reviewed in July 2005 by Vikky.