by Alison Kent

June 2005
ISBN: 0-7582-1112-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Brava
Trade Paperback

Mick Savin is the latest SG-5 operative to be featured in Alison Kentís fascinating Spy series for Brava books. Mick has been in New Mexico investigating a money-laundering ring connected to Spectra IT. His partner on this latest mission is a dog he picked up at the pound and named FM. He is using the dog to help hide the surveillance Intel he has been collecting on the mission. No one would think to look in the dogs collar for this important information.

When Mick and his trusty canine companion are caught in a restricted area by some Spectra thugs they are severely beaten, robbed and left for dead at the side of the road.

As Neva Case is returning home from purchasing supplies for her jewelry making business she spots FM at the side of the road and stops to help the pooch. She soon discovers Mick as well and loads the two into her truck and takes them home with her. She takes them to her friend and local vet, Ed, for care.

Mick wakes up not knowing where he is and very confused. Neva offers to let him stay with her until he is well enough to travel and it soon becomes clear to him that she is a woman with secrets of her own. She is into something much more than a mail order jewelry business run from a small Texas town. Will she be able to trust Mick enough to allow him to help her when it becomes clear that she is in danger from and unknown source?

Larger Then Life, this latest installment in the SG-5 series proves every bit as exciting and entertaining as the previous volumes of this thrilling series. In Mick and Neva Ms. Kent has once again created characters that her readers will fall in love with and come to care about as the story progresses. Ms. Kent does an excellent job of describing the beating Mick suffers at the hands of the thugs so much so that this reader hurt right along with him from his injuries.

Ms. Kent creates some really compelling secondary characters in this book and has two secondary story lines that prove to be as entertaining and gripping as the main story and will have the reader spellbound as to the outcome of these events as well. For me Alison Kentís name on a book means that I am guaranteed to have a story that is realistic, entertaining, compelling and sexy as all get out. Larger Than Life is all this and more and Ms. Kent has added another winner to her memorable body of work. She defiantly is an author who leaves her readers wanting more.

Reviewed in May 2005 by Barbara.

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