by Debra Webb

March 2005
ISBN: 0-373-51347-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #33
Mass Market Paperback

Merri wanted more out of life than she was getting at the moment. She was just existing and had been for two years now. Oh, she was starting to get out and on with her life, but she wanted more than to just file cold and solved cases for the police department. Merri lost her hearing two years ago, as well as her teaching job and her fiancťe. To say she was in a funk would bu putting it mildly. She was making a difference as a teacher and she wanted to be able to make a difference again. She just had to prove to her family and herself that she could take care of herself.

While filing cases, she came across a misfiled one and decided to try to solve the case on her own. She would need backup, but she didnít call any of her family members, they would just try to protect her and she didnít need that. So she called Steve Barlow, the detective that had investigated the case, when the time came for the arrest to be made since she couldnít make the arrest herself.

Needless to say this little adventure in solving the case got her into some trouble and didnít put her in the good graces that she thought it might, especially with Steve Barlow. Merri was put to the test and passed with flying colors. She now has the opportunity she was looking for, to help to make a difference by going undercover and reading the lips of the biggest criminal in the city. To say that Steve opposed this is a major understatement.

Merri is considered a silent weapon as she can read lips and no one knows that she is doing it or that she is deaf. But for the assignment, they know she is deaf but not that she can read lips. Merri finds herself in some pretty sticky situations throughout the story. She also finds herself attracted to Steve Barlow as well as Conrad, but can anything come from either one of them, one being a detective and the other part of the criminal element that she is trying to put behind bars?

Ms. Webb has given us a great story. We have Merri who thought she had it all to only have it come crashing down on her when she least expected it to and try to pick up the pieces as well as deal with her hearing loss and one very overprotective family. She is learning to trust others as well. Steve Barlow, well, he was a loner but the more he got to know and work with Merri, the more he came to respect her and care for her. Silent Weapon showed how one person could have two completely different sides to themselves whenever the opportunity arose. How you think one person is one way, only to find out they have ulterior motives and how that motive will play in the end. The story is full of suspense; it has kidnappings, danger, and deceit. If youíre looking for a story with all of that and the prospect of finding love, then pick up Silent Weapon. You will not be disappointed.

Reviewed in April 2005 by Pam.

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