by Brenda Hiatt

June 2005
ISBN: 0-06-072379-3
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Mass Market Paperback

If Dina Moore does not marry before she reaches the age of twenty-five, her share of her parentsí inheritance will fall into the hands of her greedy brother, Silas, a gambler who has already gone through his share of the inheritance. Realizing Silas is doing everything he can to keep her unwed and with just a few days left before her twenty-fifth birthday, Dina Moore runs away to find a man to marry. When she meets Violet Turpin, a young woman who has suddenly begun to doubt her own decision to elope with a man she barely knows, Dina sees a possible way out of her trouble. She will marry Violetís fiancť, anything to safeguard her inheritance.

When Violetís huge bear of a brother, Grant, appears on the scene and chases off her future husband, Dinaís plan is suddenly changed. Still, Dina is determined to marry, and the way she sees it, Grant owes her a favor since she saved his sister from a horrible fate. He can easily repay the favor by marrying her. Reluctantly, Grant agrees to the outrageous proposal. Dina is so small and fragile that he canít help but protect her, and a marriage will definitely stop his mother from nagging him about his undesirable state as a bachelor.

Neither Grant nor Dina expects anything permanent out of this marriage. They are completely different in size and attitude. Still, that doesnít stop them from falling head over heels in love. Somehow in the midst of keeping a reign on their siblings and ending an abduction plot, Grant and Dina realize that there marriage of convenience has become a marriage of hearts.

Brenda Hiatt creates compelling stories, and The Runaway Heiress is no exception. The novel is a delightful romp accented by entertaining doses of passion, love, and greed. With this charming Regency Historical, Hiatt proves once again that she has a remarkable way with the written word.

Dina and Grant are two exceptionally unique people, and itís not surprising that they complement each other so well. Despite her small size, Dinaís independent spirit makes her Grantís match in every way.

As stupid as he was greedy, Dinaís brother, Silas, was almost a bit too much to handle. He just never seemed to learn, and it was difficult to imagine that anyone could be as dense as he was. After a while, his flaws became somewhat irritating. Nevertheless, his contributions to the storyís finely crafted plot were monumental.

Reviewed in July 2005 by Natasha.

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