by Anthology

June 2005
ISBN: 0-06-056450-4
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Mass Market Paperback

Just in time for summer reading, three of Regency romance’s award-winning authors have teamed up to bring us Hero, Come Back, a collection of stories using beloved secondary characters. These men, while not the main emphasis of stories before, have all demanded their fair share of passion.

Stephanie Laurens starts this anthology with one of my favorite secondary men - Reggie Carmarthen. A crucial character in her Cynster novel On A Wild Night, Reggie’s quiet handsomeness disguises his heroic nature. He has finally decided that it is time to find a bride, but cannot resign himself to marry one of the young debutantes he encounters. He is hoping for intelligent conversation and a degree of companionship that they cannot provide. When he assists Anne Ashford out of a very heated confrontation, he realizes that she has hidden depths. Will he be able to convince her that he is the right man to help her solve this dilemma?

Elizabeth Boyle takes readers back to Bramley Hollow and matchmaker Esme Maguire in her novella The Matchmaker’s Bargain.When Amanda Preston took shelter from the storm in a cozy widow’s cottage, she had no idea that she was stumbling into a local myth. The residents of Bramley Hollow are convinced that their continued good fortune rests on Esme’s matches, and they will demand that Amanda wed her “intended” before leaving the village. Since the first man to see Amanda is James Reyburn (the one man Amanda had hoped to see), things are going to be very interesting. James has retreated to his country home after being injured in the war. He knows he is no longer the dashing young man who frequented the salons of society’s finest. His injuries, though healed, will keep him off the dance floor. But who is this young woman? Why does she seem so familiar, almost as if she knows all of his secrets? Surely he would remember meeting her, wouldn’t he?

Harry Chamberlain takes center stage in Christina Dodd’s story, The Third Suitor. While taking a much-deserved holiday on the Dorset coast, Harry encounters a stunning young woman intent on escaping her fortune-hunting suitors. Lady Jessie Macmillan’s family is eager to marry her off, even if it requires compromising her reputation. Harry is appalled by her plight, and after meeting the first eager suitor, decides that Jessie should have some help. Of course, her beauty and honesty are charmingly refreshing, and Harry’s life could use a little stirring up...

This anthology has everything a romance reader needs to escape from today’s stressful life. Heroes who are perhaps not brash, but brave nonetheless, young women in some interesting predicaments, and plenty of passion and laughter along the way. Hero, Come Back is the perfect addition to your summer reading list, and will be added to my keeper shelf.

Reviewed in May 2005 by Paula.

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