by Dakota Cassidy

March 2005
ISBN: 1-59596-106-2
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What’s New Pussycat? is the sequel to An American Werewolf in Hoboken, and I’m pleased to say it was well worth the wait. This story picks up right where the last one left off – with Derrick very upset over the fact that his lifemate appears to be a cat. Not only do dogs or in this case werewolves and cats not mix, but Derrick has absolutely no desire to settle down.

Martine doesn’t understand what’s happening to her. She’s led a sheltered life as a familiar to a warlock living in New York. Then one day she wakes up to find herself dumped at a rest area on the New Jersey turnpike. Now she’s stuck in the middle of nowhere with a stranger who expects her to eat canned cat food – as if!

When Derrick realizes that his kitty is actually a very beautiful woman, he’s stunned. He certainly wouldn’t kick her out of his bed, but keeping her for life is a totally different story. They both enjoy the sex and decide to take advantage of it while they can, but neither one has a change of mind about a life long commitment.

As per this author’s style, we see the inner thoughts of the characters and that, along with the very witty insults and dialogue, keeps you laughing throughout the entire book. I for one certainly hope this is not the last book in this delightful series.

Reviewed in March 2005 by Jackie.

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