by Cara Summers

June 2005
ISBN: 0-373-79192-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin
Mass Market Paperback

Cara Summers has another good book in her series of Risking It All. The Dare is the second story of three sisters whom are triplets. Rory being the middle triplet is next to open a letter that was written by her Father over six years ago. He has passed away but the letters were with his attorney with instructions to make sure his girls got them on their twenty-sixth birthday. It has been a month since Natalie opened her letter and Rory has chosen this time to open hers.

Rory's dad said she was his daredevil when she was young. He also gave her the advice to take a risk and trust your luck. So it was time to take that risk. Rory works for Celebs paper as a reporter. Her boss wants her to get a photo of Jared Slade, but Rory has plans to not only get his photo but an interview as well. Rory wants her by-line and is hoping the interview with Jared will get her just that. With her camera well hidden she hides in the lobby of the hotel where Jared will be staying. Rory gets photos, but are they of the right man?

Jared has a past he does not want to share so he does not talk to the press. But it seems as if someone knows of his past and wants him exposed. Jared has been receiving some threatening letters and this time there is a bomb in his hotel room. One of his employees finds it before it goes off.

While that is happening at the hotel Jared is demanding the photos back from Rory. She thinks that he is his body guard. She will give him the film if he can get her an interview with his boss, Jared Slade. Rory does not know who she is talking to so he agrees to talk to his boss. Also, they share a kiss that has them both on the floor of the dressing room. He is everything that her fantasy man is and then some. The only problem is his phone rings and he says he must go. He takes the film and leaves.

Chance and friend Tracker are hired to protect Jared, as well as find out who is behind this. So he has gone into hiding, against his own wishes but for his protection. Chance is engaged to Natalie and she overhears that they have a client at Wainwright Estate. She has put two and two together and helps her sister out with this information. Rory decides it is time to face the body guard.

Will Chance and Tracker be able to protect Jared Slade? Will Rory get the interview that she feels will make her career as a reporter? Who is out to get Jared? What does Rory’s boss have to do with any of this? What about that kiss that was shared? Did it turn into something more?

I enjoyed The Dare alot. Cara Summers has done a great job with these characters. I am glad to see that Natalie is still a part of this book and I hope she will be in Sierra's story also. I look forward to reading the last installment of the Risking it All series.

Reviewed in May 2005 by Theresa.

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