by Cara Summers

May 2005
ISBN: 0-373-79188-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin
Mass Market Paperback

When Harry Gibbs and his wife split up he knew it would be hard not seeing his girls. His wife Amanda and he decided it was best for Harry to leave for he could not give up being a master jewel thief. So when the triplets were ten years old Harry left their lives. The agreement was no contact with Natalie, Rory and Sierra until their twenty-sixth birthdays. He did not contact them, but he was near. Harry died six years before he was able to reunite with his girls but he wrote each one of them a letter. The letters were given to their Father's attorney who would make sure that his girls would receive their letters on their twenty-sixth birthday.

Being that Natalie was the oldest she would open hers first. Rory being the middle triplet would be next, but only when she felt the time was right. Natalie was Harry’s warrior but she played by the rules. He'd taught her his talent to open a safe. Natalie had a talent to disguise herself, therefore, being a detective is where she uses her gift. Harry's letter to Natalie was to tell her why he left as well as to trust in herself and sometimes it is good to take a risk.

Chance Mitchell is a private investigator who will do almost anything to regain stolen property. There is someone from Chance’s past that he knows is a thief and he will need Natalie’s help to get the merchandise back. But will Chance be able to convince her to help him? It will mean having to be someone else. There will be disguises and time off work.

Natalie and Chance just finished working on the same case. They are drawn to each other and the chemistry is there. They agree to one night, no ties, just a night of sex. Chance has a job to go to that could keep him away for three months. The problem is, he is thinking about Natalie and Natalie wants more than just one night.

Chance returns and rumor has it that Chance will be at the same masquerade with Natalie. What he does not know is that Natalie is not herself, but is taking on the role of Rachael Cade. She hopes Chance will be there and she has plans on seducing him. Will her plans work out as she wants?

Will Chance figure out who Natalie is? Will she agree to help him get the jewel back? Once she knows it is someone from Chance's past will there be any danger? What will happen when Chance and Natalie are alone?

I enjoyed The Proposition by Cara Summers. I enjoyed the passion with which Summers writes and how each character plays out. I look forward to reading the next book in this series. I hope that some of the characters follow through to the next story.

Reviewed in April 2005 by Theresa.

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