by Anya Bast

March 2005
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Tiya is OtherKin Sidhe and she is hunting for a killer, the rogue Vampire who murdered her family. He may have escaped her once, but this time he cannot hide. She wants the blood of the Embraced and she will cut a swath through the territory’s Vampire population if she must, to find the man she wants. The vamp she encounters may not be the man she wants, but he is the man she needs. When she meets Charlie, a vamp who is visiting in the territory, she soon realizes she may have met her match.

Charlie tracks down the unusually fast woman who attacked him positive she is not human. Haunted by her scent, craving just one more taste of her, Charlie becomes obsessed with Tiya and her search. He wants her naked and splayed underneath or on top of him, anyway and every way he can have her. Something about Tiya calls to Charlie and he soon finds out what it is: her OtherKin Sidhe blood, the blood of an honest to God faery, is like catnip to the Embraced. However, Charlie is not the only vamp who wants to get their hands on this ethereal beauty. Someone in the territory is stalking Tiya, hunting her for the legendary magic in her OtherKin blood.

Sexy, sassy, and sinfully satisfying Blood of an Angel will excite you. This erotic romance has all the goods it needs to be a memorable keeper: great plot, characters you want to know, and steamy alpha sex. Who could ask for anything more?


Reviewed in April 2005 by Cynthia.

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