by Jaid Black

ISBN: 1-84360-032-3
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This is Book #2 in the Trek Mi Q’an series and it certainly helps to have read Book 1 (The Empress’ New Clothes). If you’ve already done so, then you are quite prepared to have your clothes ‘summoned’ away from your body, your erogenous zones assaulted with incredible skill by alien servants, and your whole being claimed as nee’ka or mate by an astoundingly gorgeous intergalactic warrior of amazing proportions and nearly child-like devotion! Oh, and he’ll give you orgasms that will make your eyes roll back in your head and bells ring on a galactic scale! Whew!

This tale is all about the adventures of Rem, brother to the Emperor, who was freed from a really bad marriage in the first book. Now really bad marriages on Tryston are rare – Rem had been tricked into his first one – and we know that Trystonni warriors have only one compatible mate in the entire galaxy. But what we didn’t know is that if a warrior goes unmated for an extended length of time, his physiology changes – devolves – and the results are unpleasant and dangerous for everyone concerned. Rem is facing this danger; it’s been many Yessat years since he was freed from his bondage to a mis-mate, and he has not succeeded in finding his nee’ka. Of course, he’s never been to Australia!!

Giselle MacKenzie lives in Australia, poised on what she perceives to be the threshold of middle age, this thirty-odd year old virgin with a healthy spattering of freckles has no idea that the Galaxy has ordained a mate for her – Rem, Trystonni warrior. She’s understandably upset when she finds herself on board a space ship, but Rem’s constant and detailed attention to her sexual needs kind of takes the edge off her anger!

Now mated for life, Rem can concentrate on getting his nee’ka to safety, and his skills as a warrior are certainly needed when their party crash lands on a dangerous planet. Their trek involves some ingenious carrying devices that position their human cargo at just the right spot for some intimate pleasure during their walk. Sort of like an X-rated baby carrier! Somebody must have been quite sore at the end of a day’s journey, and I’m not talking about feet!!

The wonderful thing about Trystonni warriors is their devotion to their mates – they may be alien, but they are every inch a romantic hero. Giselle is fortunate indeed to have found Rem – the wonderful things that happen to a warrior’s mate seem right out of human women’s dreams. Perhaps that accounts for the sheer level of enjoyment readers find in these books – they shamelessly cater to a woman’s desires and eliminate anything that we might find annoying, like aging! The plots are light-hearted, the characters almost cartoon-like in their exuberance, and a good time is had by all. If you like your erotic romance with a large helping of fun, then try some of Ms. Black’s Trek Mi Q’an stories – they are definitely a unique read

Reviewed in May 2002 by Celia.

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