by Sherri L. King

February 2005
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On the planet Noir a sinister shadows is creeping across the world. Already it enshrouds nearly half of the planet. It provides an ideal environment for evil vampires to flourish, feeding on the humans weakened by the increasing scarcity of adequate food. Vampires, the bloodeaters devoid of humanity, possess great strength and great cunning. Their numbers are growing; however, they are kept in check by the efforts of a courageous group of individuals known as the Killers.

Of these vampire hunters Priest stands out as the most ruthless and cold-blooded of all. The vampires have now become her prey, and she is on the trail of one of the most fearsome vamps walking. On the trail of an ancient evil, Priest encounters an uncommon ally in the battle to save Noir—Bishop, a vampire at war with his bestial nature.

The unexpected partners forge a pact of blood and honor to vanquish their common foe. Along the way Bishop’s hunger for Priest’s blood is superseded by his overwhelming craving to bury himself, fangs and other parts, and to quench his desire in her depths.

Sherri L. King’s single title release Sin and Salvation is not just another vampire romance. Forgive the pun, but this one has bite, ladies. The story reads more like an epic fantasy than a romance. When the characters do get around to falling for each other, it is almost as an after thought and doesn’t really come across as believable. As an erotic romance this story unfortunately falls short, but as an epic fantasy it has great potential.

Reviewed in March 2005 by Cynthia.

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