by Sabrina Jeffries

June 2002
ISBN: : 0-380-81804-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

Anything with Sabrina Jeffries name on the cover; is worth keeping! After the Abduction continues where A Notorious Love left off, two years later. After two seasons, Miss Juliet Laverick cannot seem to pick, from amongst the eligible bachelors of the ton, the one man who can set her heart racing. After two years of dreaming and remembering, she still wants Morgan Pryce. The handsome rogue who kidnapped her two years ago, only to leave her with the memory of a passionate kiss and the feeling of abandonment. Well, Juliet has had enough, now she only wants revenge and to see that Morgan is brought to justice for his crimes against her. With the help of her sister Rosalind and her husband Griff Knighton, Juliet sets off for Charnwood estates, where Morganís twin brother, Sebastian, Lord Templemore resides. For two years, Sebastian has thought of that last kiss he shared with Juliet. He had told her from the beginning that his name was Morgan Pryce, for two reasons. To protect his twin, the real Morgan, whom the smugglers have kidnapped, and to keep his own name a secret. Now two years later, heís surprised to see the one woman who has haunted his dreams, stroll across his lawn, look at his eyes and accuse him of being the man who had kidnapped her, and the next thing he knows, heís lying flat on his back, after being punched in the jaw, by Julietís brother-in-law, Griff. After gathering his composure, he explains, to his unwelcome guests, that he is Sebastian, Morganís twin brother, and that Morgan has been missing for two years and presumed dead. Now, Juliet is no slouch, and knows that Sebastian is lying through those beautiful straight teeth of his. HE is Morgan, and there is no way he is going to convince her otherwise. Will Sebastian be able to keep up the charade and finally convince Juliet that Morgan is dead, when HE was the ĎMorganí who kidnapped her those years ago? If he is to keep his brother, the real Morgan, safe, thatís just what he needs to do, but how? Confused yet? Well, donít be. This is such a fun and fast paced story; youíll be reading it cover to cover in one sitting. Sabrina writes her stories with such passion and whit, that they keep the reader riveted to the pages. All of her books are a joy to read, and I especially love that she writes her books in a series, so that you can enjoy re-visiting old Ďfriendsí from past stories. In After the Abduction, you get to see Rosalind and Griff, from A Dangerous Love. There is also reference to Helena and Daniel from A Notorious Love and also a brief statement about The Dangerous Lord. If you havenít read these books yet, youíre missing out on some of the best historicals written! Read my reviews of these other books, and go buy them - you wonít be sorry! Happy reading!

Reviewed in May 2002 by Debbie.

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