by Debra Phillips

April 2005
ISBN: 0-312-30526-5
Reviewer Graphic Button St. Martin`s Press
Trade Paperback

Donneeka LeBeau (Neeka) is a successful cosmetics executive. Like the lives of her sisters, Mercy and Princess, her life has pretty much always been arranged for her by her mother, Adeena. Neeka works at her mother’s company, drives a car purchased by her mother, and even lives in a condo courtesy of who else…her mother. Adeena’s influence in Neeka’s life doesn’t end there though. After having a dream about a huge wedding, Adeena now plans on controlling her daughters’ love lives. When business brings eligible bachelor Braxton Dupree, an acquaintance from the old neighborhood back into her circle, Adeena decides that he will be the perfect husband for Neeka.

Perhaps she should have asked Neeka first? Neeka is tired of being controlled by her mother, and her love life is one place where she will not tolerate interferences. Even though Braxton is sexy and absolutely perfect for her, there is no way Neeka could ever admit this to her mother without losing face forever.

One of these days, Neeka is going to have to stand up to her mother and say goodbye to all the drama. If she does not, she may end up losing the man she loves.

In Too Much Drama, celebrated author Debra Phillips introduces a cast of characters readers will remember for a very long time, the LeBeaus. The roller coaster riding LeBeaus are just what the doctor ordered, a unique family who will remind readers just how much they should treasure their own dear ones. Adeena, in her quest to control, is only one step away from stealing the lead villainess role in Flowers in the Attic. Of course, her actions do make for an exciting story, but after a while, the impact she has on her daughters actually becomes quite sad to witness.

This impact unfortunately results in Neeka coming across as a weak woman. Her attempts to get back at her mother are often extremely silly, and in the case of the surprise visitor at the church, almost cruel. Every decent woman knows to keep the secrets in the family and not on the streets.

Nevertheless, readers will be drawn into this novel because it tells a clever story about love and dysfunctional families. Sometimes a little drama is just what is needed to get the mind spinning and the heart leaping. Author Debra Phillips delivers that and more with this fast-paced read.

Reviewed in August 2005 by Natasha.

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