by Maureen Child

August 2005
ISBN: 0-312-99754-X
Reviewer Graphic Button St. Martin`s Press
Mass Market Paperback

Josefina “Jo” Marconi is the oldest Marconi sister and in her opinion, the one who has to keep the family together in their time of crisis. With her two sisters pregnant, Jo is tackling not only Marconi Construction alone, but she’s taking care of her newly discovered ten-year-old brother Jack. To top it all off, her octogenarian Nana has come to town to meet Jack and to make a nuisance of herself. Then there’s the fact that her attraction to Cash Hunter, Chandler, California’s very own “Woman Whisperer” is getting stronger and stronger every time they spar on the construction sites. It seems life can’t get much more complicated than it already is, but fate is handing Jo something else to add to her plate. Something so devastating it’s bringing back feelings she has managed to suppress for ten very long years.

Cash Hunter can’t get Jo out of his mind. For a year now, they have been trading barbs and insults. It’s the only way Cash knows how to get closer to Jo, a woman he really wants to get to know better. Too bad he’s afraid that if they finally make love, she’ll leave, just like every other person Cash has loved. He can’t risk losing Jo, so he keeps his libido in check as best he can. When a kiss changes everything between them it seems that there is no going back for either of them. Issues both have long hid behind their everyday facades are coming to the forefront and nothing can be resolved until Cash and Jo learn to open their hearts to love once again.

Turn My World Upside Down is the conclusion to Maureen Child’s Marconi Sisters trilogy and in this reader’s humble opinion, the very best in the trilogy. Jo and Cash have spent the previous two books cautiously moving around each other, snapping comebacks and generally sharing a crazy kind of foreplay. Turn My World Upside Down is the culmination of those books. Jo is a tough woman to get to know, but as she opens her heart bit by bit, not only to Cash, but to her new brother and the father she once trusted implicitly, the reader gets to know Jo on a whole new level. The family moments in this book will make you smile and cry. The romance between Jo and Cash is a first-rate, top of the line, good old fashioned love story. Maureen Child has no need for wild sexual escapades or paranormal elements to create a truly wonderful story that every woman will enjoy.

Reviewed in July 2005 by Sarah.

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