by Fran Shaff

April 2005
ISBN: 097372613X
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Ella tries to shut out of her mind the baby that was stolen from her 5 years previously. It is still too painful to dwell on. As a kindergarten teacher, she keeps busy and has a passion for baking cookies. The old house she has bought needs a lot of work and when a building contractor offers to do work for her as an advert for his company she accepts. The fact that Rafe is very good looking helps her to decide! Rafe has his own reason for seeking Ella out.

I like the way this story starts out. No big drama just a refreshing boy meets girl opening! The plot builds gradually but loses nothing in the telling.

Secondary characters that shine are Ella’s parents, Morris and Lorraine. Lorraine is the original embarrassing mother! Poor Ella loves her mother but at times wishes her anywhere but near her!

The chemistry between Rafe and Ella is really good. They immediately gel from the first meeting. The author gets the reader hooked on them from the first encounter.

When Ella discovers that Rafe has a 5-year-old son just the age of the baby she had taken from her, she feels even more drawn to him.

The story gets very emotional at times and draws the reader even deeper into the characters. Both Ella and Rafe have come through difficult times and this draws them closer as they disclose their past experiences to each other. But being a story nothing can be straightforward and Rafe knows that his secret can tear them apart.

I had not heard of Fran Shaff until I got this e-book, now I know I have discovered a great new author. She writes with depth and understanding and digs deep into the emotional lives of her characters bringing the reader with her all the way. This is a great story, treat yourself to a copy - you won’t be disappointed.

Reviewed in June 2005 by Mary.

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