by Danielle Devon

March 2005
ISBN: 1-59578-091-2
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Adrianna is to be wed to a man she doesnít know or love. She has been promised to him since she was little. As a Princess, she will do what she must to help the people of her country and that is to marry a man she has never met.

While on the way to meet her future husband, her boat is attacked by pirates. She is now held captive by Rydon on his ship. But is she really? Other than being locked up in his room, she has about everything she wants and can get on board. But what she doesnít want is to like him and she more than likes him, she has fallen in love with Rydon. But to her he is a pirate and nothing can come of it as she is to wed the Prince of Easton.

She has finally met a man that she can love and she does love Rydon. She isnít the only one in love, Rydon loves her as well. But things are not as they appear and it takes a strength of will on Rydonís part to keep things simple between them, but that isnít how it ends up.

Captive Bride has misunderstanding between Rydon and Adrianna. The story also has deceit. They both due what they feel they must for their family. Both of these characters are strong will. The sexual tension between Rydon and Adrianna is there from the moment they see each other. They have finally found the love of their life but there are too many obstacles in their way. To me Adrianna should have realized that Rydon wasn't the pirate she thought he was. He was kind and thoughtful to her feelings and her situation, which she didn't know anything about. Now Adrianna on the other hand, even though she was strong, she was also a little self absorded. Even though I didn't connect well with the heroine, it was the hero that I enjoyed more, even though I didn't know the whole story behind why he captured Adrianna.

Reviewed in August 2005 by Pam.

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