by Suzanne Forster, Lori Foster, Kimberly Randell, and Maggie Shayne

January 2000
ISBN: 0-515-12725-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Jove Books
Mass Market Paperback

Sinful is an anthology of four highly sensual stories written by four of the hottest authors in romance today. It contained prequels and sequels that were published in another two anthologies - Hot Chocolate and Charmed.

Unbuttoning Emmalina by Suzanne Forster was a tale of two people living in their own two worlds. Jeff Weston was a successful businessman and Emmalina Price was a lady living in her own world. In Jeff's world, business went first and his aim was to get back and sell his grandmother's house. However, Emmalina was living in his house that she thought belonged to her own grandmother. Not only she decorated and used the house as a Victorian shop but also she lived and dressed like a Victorian lady. When Jeff met her, he wanted both the house and Emmalina. His fantasy of unbuttoning the never-ending buttons of Emmalina's dress was what he thought.

In Tangled Images by Lori Foster, Mack Winston reluctantly agreed to model 'men's underwear' for the new catalogue of his beloved sister-in-law. Upon arriving the studio, Mack was surprised to meet his college dream-girl, Jessica Wells, who was the photographer of the shot. This was a perfect chance for Mack to get what he wanted - He wanted a second chance from Jessica. Modeling seemed to be the best seduction available for Mack. Tangled Images is a sequel to Tangled Dreams that was published in another anthology Charmed.

Frankie Brannigan finally decided to seduce her brother's best friend, Conner McBryde. In order to get him out of her system, she dressed up as Miss Fantasy and had her one-night stand with Conner. Conner vowed to find out who was under the mask of Miss Fantasy and continued where they left off. An exciting story that you won' t want to miss in Sinderella by Kimberly Randell.

In Leather and Lace, Maggie Shayne set her story between a boss and a secretary. Richard Gable was the boss and Martha Jan Biswell was the secretary. Richard fired Martha in order to give his cousin a job. Martha then agreed to help her roommate to model a new line of lingerie with her face covered by a mask. Martha went through the show with great success but bumped into Richard' s arms by mistake. With the cover of her mask, Martha decided to have a memorable evening with Richard as "Valentine". Valentine was all Richard' s fantasy came true and he wanted to unmask his fantasy but how?

Four fantastic short stories led you via the world of fantasies. All four authors had their own way of writing men's fantasies with the magic of lingerie - feathers, leathers, laces, masks, etc. With these erotic elements, this anthology would surely leave you breathless and your blood pressure racing! Sinful wasn't really sinful but a little erotic, funny and interesting. I recommend this book to all readers who love fantasies and daydreaming. After reading through this book, you might consider buying a new set of lingerie for yourself! Happy reading!

Reviewed in September 2001 by Rose.