by Crystal Green

March 2005
ISBN: 0-373-24670-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #1670
Mass Market Paperback

Christina Mendoza is a workaholic. She has just started a new job at Fortune-Rockwell and she is determined to shine in front of the bosses. She is totally unprepared for her reaction to Derek Rockwell, one of the top men at Fortune-Rockwell and her partner on a big project to make the company more employee friendly. Christina finds Derek totally irresistible and would love to get to know him on a more personal level, but fears that doing so might sabotage her business goals.

Derek is the ultimate businessman and is unprepared for his reaction to Christina as well. He finds her to be a sexy, young, energetic woman and unlike anyone he has ever met before. Could this be the woman to loosen up his dress shirt and show him how to let his hair down a little?

Christina and Derek are both complex characters that have been hurt by situations from their past and they need to learn to trust in love again. Although there are a couple of scenes that don’t exactly ring true to the characters personalities, overall I found A Tycoon In Texas to be an enjoyable read.

Fans of the continuing Fortunes Of Texas series will be excited to see this series continue in the very capable hands of Crystal Green. Ms. Green captures the Texas feel very well in this book. The heroine’s salsa background was also a nice touch to the storyline.

Christina’s sisters Glory and Sierra are minor characters in this book that the reader will want to get to know better and they will get the chance as their stories have been written as well by fellow authors Marie Ferrarella and Stella Bagwell. Glory’s story is featured in Her Good Fortune a February release from Marie Ferrarella and Sierra’s story can be found in Stella Bagwell’s In A Texas Minute, an April release.

A Tycoon In Texas is a wonderful addition to the fabulous Fortune’s Of Texas series. Pick up your copy today and enjoy the latest installment of this popular Silhouette series. I think this type of book is one of the most difficult to write as the author must incorporate continuing threads into her story from previous books as well as write the book in such a way as to have the book stand alone. Ms Green has done both very successfully.

Reviewed in February 2005 by Barbara.

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