by R. Casteel

March 2002
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Having never been wild over men who wrote romance, I had prepared to deliver a crushing blow and give this book only 1 or 2 roses. However, to my wonderful surprise, I found that I was wrong in my assumption. R. Casteel has woven a wonderful story of love, loss and triumph.

When the story begins, Rose Ann Shawnassy is getting married and itís not like she had envisioned. Her new Marine groom doesnít even have the time to give her a proper kiss before heís put on a bus to go to Beirut, Lebanon.

After meeting the people that Rose calls family, a rather nice twist to the story I thought, itís announced that Mark Grady, her new husband, is dead in a bombing.

Thatís how we meet our hero, Dennis Grady.

Dennis is sitting by the phone, waiting to hear about his brotherís condition, be it alive or dead. When no news comes, he places a call and finds out that his brother was married. Heís sure that sheís just a gold digger, so he sets out for Jacksonville, North Carolina from his familyís home in Nashville.

Once meeting Rose, thereís a mutual attraction, much to her disgust, as well as his.

As the story unfolds, we meet all kinds of characters and a bit of espionage is introduced. What I really enjoyed about the book was that there was always something happening. I picked it up and read and before I knew it, the pages were getting fewer and fewer.

The characters were good, developed as people who rolled with the proverbial punches. The dialogue wasnít the best, but it wasnít awkward like Iíve seen in many e-books.

All in all, I would recommend this book to anyone who asked for a good romance. And Iíd certainly recommend it to anyone who asked for a good romance written by a man.

Reviewed in May 2002 by Lucy.

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