by Kayla Perrin

April 2005
ISBN: 0-312-33609-8
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Trade Paperback

Secrets and lies. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Mothers always know best. This is not so in Kayla Perrin’s The Delta Sisters.

The Grayson family of New Orleans has a long history of involvement in the Delta Gamma Psi sorority. All of the women in the family have gone to Dillard University and then crossed over into the Deltas. It is a right of passage and a family tradition.

While this tradition has always been maintained and honored, other familial practices like honesty, unselfishness, and love have often been misplaced. Now, three generations of Grayson women, Sylvia, Olivia, and Rachelle, will come face to face with years of lies and secrets. If by some chance, they manage to forgive each other, they will have to rely on each other to survive the darkest secret of them all.

The Delta Sisters is a gripping, page-turner from bestselling author Kayla Perrin. With years of acclaimed novels under her fingers, it is not surprising that Perrin has created yet another spellbinding novel, one which will keep old fans enthralled and will bring new loyalists into the Perrin literary fold.

With intriguing multi-dimensional characters, The Delta Sisters is a mesmerizing tale of denied love and lies. Though all readers may not like the domineering Sylvia, they will find it impossible to not be engulfed into her exciting yet deceptive life.

Deep down, we all enjoy a good lie every now and then because good lies always make the best stories. Still, there is a truth in every lie, and in this one, the truth is The Delta Sisters is one unforgettable read.

Reviewed in July 2005 by Natasha.

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