by Catherine Coulter

ISBN: 0-515-13897-5
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Mass Market Paperback

Five years after Jason Sherbrooke leaves England for Baltimore and the Wyndhams (Youíll remember them from The Valentine Legacy), one of the premiere horse racing families in the area, he wakes up early one morning with an ugly pugís face staring him down (a dog, not the mistress lying next to him!) and knows itís time for him to go home.

Jason wants to breed and race horses, primarily his own thoroughbred Dodger, whoís faster than any pickpocket in Baltimore. When his twin James takes him to Lyonís Gate, a once-renowned racing stud farm near his familyís home, Jason knows that this property is what he wants more than anything and he will sacrifice anything to get it, but little did he know it may be his heart.

Unfortunately, Hallie Carrick (from Night Storm) wants Lyonís Gate just as badly as Jason, and sheís fully prepared to fight him down and dirty to get it. Hallie is used to getting what she wants, come hell or high water Lyonís Gate is going to be hers, whether Jason likes it or not.

What happens next is true Coulter. Love, laughter, two very determined people coming head to head in a battle for what they want, but most of all romance. Hallie and Jason are a hoot and perfect for each other. Both want the same thing, Lyonís Gate stud, but neither is willing to settle for sharing the stud, and they do try to out-buy each other for the property...itís too funny! But when they finally come to realize that itís not only Lyonís Gate that they share, but a love that goes deeper than any stud farm, thatís when the sparks truly begin to fly.

Ms. Coulter is the true Queen of historical romance. Fans worldwide have enjoyed her Brides series and with so many new members being added to the Sherbrooke family tree, there is so much more storytelling ahead, hopefully! Lyon's Gate is another keeper in the world of Catherine Coulter.

Happy reading!!

Reviewed in August 2005 by Debbie.

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