by Dixie Cash

August 2005
ISBN: 0-06-59538-8
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Paige McBride was born with the proverbial silver spoon in her mouth. Despite the sadness from the death of her mother, she has still lived a rather pampered life, thanks to the allowance she has received from her daddy. She attended several of the finest colleges in her native state of Texas, but never graduated from any. When her daddy tells her she needs to stand on her own two feet and he is cutting off her allowance, it is a huge blow. Paige has no true job skills or experience.

After a couple humiliating attempts at jobs, Paige is able to hook up with a job in the little town of Saltlick, Texas. She can use her love of horses, which she learned from her late mother. As she is getting settled, Paige meets Debbie Sue and Edwina, who run the Styling Station, a hair salon and a detective agency called Domestic Equalizers. They all become involved in a hunt for a horse thief who steals them for a rather gruesome reason. Paige also meets the charming, handsome new vet, Spur Atwater, who has moved to town at the same time. Spur and Paige are instantly attracted, but will their very different pasts be a stumbling block to a real relationship?

Dixie Cash is the pseudonym for two sisters who live in Arlington, Texas. This novel takes up where Since You're Leaving Anyway, Take Out the Trash , their first, left off. There is enough background information given so this second one can be read on its own, but you really will want to read more about Debbie Sue and Edwina. The first book focuses more on their characters, whereas in this second novel they are secondary characters.

Paige is definitely the main character in this novel. Despite being a spoiled rich girl, it is hard to resist her charm and truly caring nature. The author does a fabulous job of making her an engaging heroine. Spur is all male, but has worked hard to get where he is and has a vulnerable side, especially when it comes to animals. The sexual tension built between the hero and heroine is tantalizing. The love scenes are steamy, but subdued.

The Texas small town setting is an integral part of the story and the authors make you feel you are right there. The humor adds extra gusto to this rollicking romp of a story. This is another winner for the sister team of Dixie Cash. I hope they will continue to write stories about Texas and all its quirky characters.

Reviewed in July 2005 by Roberta.

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