by Roxanne St. Claire

April 2005
ISBN: 0-373-76648-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #1648
Mass Market Paperback

Weíve read about the other two McGrath brothers finding love when they least expect it or even wanted to find love, and now it is Cameronís turn. He is the oldest of the McGrath brothers, and it seems he is the one that will heal the hurt in the McGrath family. Cam is also the one who says he will never marry. Cam is a lawyer who lives on the Eastside. He also never misses the opening day of the Yankees nor the first pitch. To him, missing either would be sacrilegious and a bad omen.

That is until Jo Ellen comes to his office on opening day, as he is getting ready to leave the office to go to the game. Little does Cam realize just what kind of trouble Jo Ellen will be to him. Jo Ellen is on a mission, to get the signature of one Cameron McGrath on adoption papers, so she can adopt his niece. A niece Cam didnít realize he even had or a sister for that matter. It seems Jo was part of his mothersí life that he didnít know about or even care about until he had little choice in the matter. What respectful lawyer would just sign a document without reading it? Definitely not Cam, and he had his brothers to think about as well.

Cam and Jo are drawn to each other from the start, each liking what they see physically in the other but not sure of the motives. Cam goes off to Sierra Springs, California to see just how good a mother Jo really is and to see how Jo fares in her day job as a collision repair expert.

Remember Cam doesnít want to be married, and has absolutely no desire to do so. He isnít sure what he will do about Jo though; she has gotten under his skin and into his heart. Jo, on the other hand, doesnít want to get married again as well, doesnít even want to love another person, as all the men in her life have left her before. She canít and will not put herself through that again. Can Cam convince her that his love for her will keep him around forever?

It seems that Mother Nature has played a hand in each of the McGrathís finding love. The earthquake is what brought Jo into Camís life, but it will take another shake or two before Jo realizes just what she has found in Cam. Ms. St. Claire has given us characters who have their own hurt and pain they must overcome in order to have a future with each other. When The Earth Moves will have you turning the pages to find out just what will happen next. You'll find yourself unable to put the story down until you finish Cam and Jo's story. Ms. St. Claire even allowed us to have visits from Quinn and Colin and updated us on their lives. If you havenít read any of the McGrathís stories, they can be stand-alones, but I would read them in order. Each of the stories has appearances from all the brothers and gives us insight to each, including Cam, and explains why the McGrath men are the way they are or were as the case may be.

Reviewed in March 2005 by Pam.

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