by Jennifer Blake

Septemeber 2000
ISBN: 1-55166-630-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Mira Books
Mass Market Paperback

There are a lot of interesting ways for the hero to meet the heroine in a romance novel, but Jennifer Blake has certainly created one of the most original for her novel Roan. He shoots her!

Of course, he is legally entitled to do so, because Roan Benedict is Sheriff of Turn-Coupe, Louisiana; he’s in pursuit of a suspect vehicle, and when the van rolls off the road, he is armed and ready and adrenaline-pumped! The last thing he expects is to learn that the suspect who burst from the back of the van holding a gun was, in fact, a beautiful woman who claims she was kidnapped, held in the van, and can’t remember anything else! What’s a guy to do?

Well, if he’s one of the sensual and gorgeous Benedict boys that spring so fluidly from the imaginative mind of Jennifer Blake, he’ll put his recovering prisoner under house arrest (yes, his house), and fight tooth and nail against these really intense feelings he’s having for her! Victoria Vandergraff is in a very difficult position – as heroine, she is strong-willed and determined not to let on that her memory is crystal clear, thank you, and she knows exactly who had her kidnapped and why. And as heroine, she is destined to fall in serious, deep and soul-tingling love with her warden, Roan Benedict. Who can she trust? Does she dare to let Roan know some of her suspicions and fears? Will she admit to the sparks that sizzle between them at the slightest touch?

Ms. Blake is word-perfect when it comes to these kinds of situations; the sensuality that develops between Roan and Tory is as hot as the Louisiana sky, and hooks us into their adventures. The balance between the romance and the suspense is always managed superbly – the pages fly as the plot thickens along with the heat!! It must be something about the steamy Bayou air that makes these Turn-Coupe guys so appealingly yummy; the thought of following a bead of moisture with a fingernail down a tanned and rippled chest can bring readers to a sweat along with the heroine!!!

Roan is a lovely and suspenseful romance, in the best Jennifer Blake tradition, and it is definitely recommended, along with the other guys in the “Louisiana Gentlemen” series, Kane, Luke and Clay.

Reviewed in May 2002 by Celia.

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