by Annette Blair

April 2005
ISBN: 1594143145
Reviewer Graphic Button Five Star

Those of you who are fans of either Annette Blair or of Amish romances will be thrilled with her newest book! It seems like forever since Blair’s first Amish romance Thee I Love was on the shelves. Her second Amish romance, set in Ohio this time, is every bit as good as her first.

Sarah Lapp has spent months learning how to be a midwife under the guidance of the local “English” doctor. She has no idea that her first call will be for her best friend Abby, or that when she arrives she’ll find another new Zuckerman baby, but that dear Abby didn’t survive.

Adam Zuckerman has a reputation among his people as being mad and certainly hard to get along with. Adam knew beyond a doubt that his wife had not survived her most recent labor however he had another reason entirely for calling Sarah to the house. He wants her to take his daughters and raise them as her own.

Sarah has no way of knowing the secrets in Adam’s past that have made him afraid to love even his own children, but she does know that it’s about time he learned how. Sarah reluctantly gathers up the girls and takes them with her. Under her loving care, the children seem to blossom and Sarah becomes more attached as each day passes.

Before Sarah can return the children to Adam on Christmas day as originally planned, Adam falls drunk from the barn loft and is seriously injured. Once again, Sarah is called to the home. Only this time instead of just helping with the girls, she is needed to stay and care for Adam. However it isn’t long before the bishop steps in and tells them they will be shunned unless Sarah agrees to marry Adam.

A few words spoken in front of a congregation however doesn’t a marriage make and in the weeks that follow, Sarah and Adam will find themselves not only tested but tempted as they adjust to married life. Yet it is obvious that Adam still plans on being an absentee father in his children’s lives. It is only when some unexpected guests arrive that the truth will be told, and Adam will be forced to face the demons of his past in order to be free to love.

Being a huge fan of the Amish and their lifestyle, I was overjoyed to be given the opportunity to review The Butterfly Garden. As I turned the pages, I found myself transported to that simpler life where homemade quilts hang on lines; horse and buggies are the mode of transportation and children in their simple clothes chase after butterflies. I was also quickly caught up in the lives of Sarah and Adam and praying that each of them would be able to put aside their own stubbornness and come together with Adams girls to form a family.

Reviewed in March 2005 by Shelby.

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