by Crystal Green

February 2005
ISBN: 0-373-24668-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #1668
Mass Market Paperback

When a chance meeting at the old swimming hole brings Emmylou Brown up close and personal with Deston Rhodes, her high school crush, Emmy canít believe it. A case of mistaken identity has Deston believing Emmy is Lila Stanhope the daughter of a wealthy family vacationing on the Oakville Ranch.

Deston makes a late night date with ďLilaĒ. A moonlit picnic at the lovely gazebo on the property is just what he needs to set the mood for a night of passion with this lovely lady.

At her friends urging Emmy keeps the date with Deston and has a night of passion to remember for a lifetime. She may also have another reminder of the night as she may have conceived a child with the man of her dreams. Itís too bad that he only wants a one-night stand and he doesnít even know her real name. Could this handsome prince turn this Cinderellaís life around and make all her dreams come true?

Crystal Green has created an entertaining story in her latest release The Millionaireís Secret Baby. She has used an age-old story line but makes it seem fresh and new with delightful characters Emmy and Deston. Emmyís friends are delightful secondary characters and lead the reader to believe that they may get their own stories in the future. If you like a Cinderella type romance where the glass slipper finds itís rightful home then pick up a copy of Crystal Greenís latest and get carried away with a great romance.

Reviewed in February 2005 by Barbara.

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