by Lynn LaFleur, Titania Ladley, Lani Aames

February 2005
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Kaci Montgomery is still reeling from the death of her great-grandmother when she is called in to hear the reading of the will. Kaci couldn’t care less about an inheritance. She would trade it all to have her beloved relative back with her. A remarkable incident occurs soon after she inherits a one-of-a-kind mirror from her Nana. The handsome man she sees through the mirror may well be her soul mate. It seems Nana’s legacy is more than meets the eye.

Ms. LaFleur’s Mirage is a delightful read that is both spicy and sweet. Readers will not want this magically hot tale to end. I found it to be well written and entertaining.

You’ve Got Irish Male! is the next installment in the anthology. As the owner of an adult internet toy store Mischa Roxbury spends a large amount of time online. On March 17 at midnight she receives a surprise. Her email seems to have taken on a life of its own. The familiar “You’ve got mail” was no big deal, but when the email started talking back to her - that was something else altogether.

All the anti-virus software in the world could not have prepared her for Grady O’Donovan’s virus spell. The potent spell could only work during St. Patrick’s day and only if the recipient accepted the email. It took Grady quite a bit of smooth-talking but he finally managed to break down Mischa’s guard. She allowed his email and before she knew what was happening Grady was actually standing before her and no longer in her Internet line. Grady was tall, and very gorgeous, for a leprechaun. Just what had she agreed to by accepting his enchanted email?

Titania Ladley’s You’ve Got Irish Male! is fun and fiery all at once. Her imaginative contribution to the anthology is chock full o’ passion. The chemistry between Grady and Mischa fairly leaps off the screen.

Lani Aames brings us the last segment with Must be Magic. Myghal, prince of Pixieland, escaped the clutches of his kidnapper, the sly Faerie King and now he was holding off the Faerie Guard wanting to capture him again. Myghal’s pixie dust resources had been spent save for one. Myghal’s Heart Match dust.

Kerry O’Neill paid little heed to the Legolas wannabe appearing beside her. She was too busy trying to keep her business from going under to even think about the handsome stranger rearranging her plants. Kerry tried to ignore the feelings he evoked inside of her.

Myghal had not considered the idea of his Heart Match living in the Other Realm, the place where humans lived. How was he going to get Kerry back to Pixieland when he was out of dust and couldn’t return himself? The Faeries were sending interference to keep the Prince of Pixieland from returning with a bride. If Myghal didn’t return then Pixieland reverted back to the faeries. It looks like Myghal and Kerry could use the help of a little magic themselves.

Must be Maqic is a charming addition to the Enchanted Rogues anthology. The well-written fantasy will have readers captivated from the first word to the last. Aames’ luscious fable is this reviewer’s favorite of the collection of erotic tales.

Reviewed in June 2005 by Rho.