by Susannah Gray

March 2005
ISBN: 1-4137-3096-5
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Trade Paperback

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Susannah Hepburn travels through time, not by the usual way, but through her dreams. She sometimes has an active role, where she can show them other ways to do things, and sometimes she can just observe and not interact with her ancestors. Through these dreams she is able to uncover the truth about her family history.

She meets Elder Williams and Mary Brewster while they are on the Mayflower on their way to Plymouth. She also meets Susannah North Martin, she was one of the infamous Salem witches. A couple of other ancestors she meets are Susannah and Christopher Chase, they settled Providence, Rhode Island. The one ancestors she interacts with the most is Susannah Case, who reportedly was a British spy during the Revolution.

She starts writing down her dreams in a journal, which is blue. She shares some of the dreams with her husband and family, but not all of them, when she is actually her ancestors, she is actually living their lives, cooking, cleaning, caring for children, and being a lover, those love scenes she keeps to herself.

When her husband decides itís time to have a partner, he decides to partner with Scott Perry. Scott and Jill, his wife, have a past which will put Susannah and her family in danger, and will change Susannah forever.

While I usually do not like time travel novels, I did enjoy this one. As I am genealogist myself, I found the family history of Susannah interesting and thought provoking. If you enjoy time travels, donít miss this one, it is well worth the time to read.

Reviewed in May 2005 by Pat.

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