by Madeline Hunter

May 2005
ISBN: 0-553-58730-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Bantam Books
Mass Market Paperback

Ewan McLean is a collector of erotic art and erotic encounters. When his two cousins die and leave him the new Earl of Lyndale, heís finally got the means to fulfill his every wish. That is, if it werenít for one last deathbed promise. To right an old wrong, he needs to travel to Scotland. He expects to be welcomed by a grateful and humble man, however, itís Bride Cameron and her sisters that are his responsibility and the recipients of his do-good attempts.

As much as Bride wants Ewan gone - to prevent the discovery of their illegal enterprise - she finds it hard to resist him. And even though Ewan knows that heís to take care of Bride and not to comprise her, is more than happy to delay his return to London.

Back in London, Ewan is hired by the Bank of England to find the forgers of fifty-pound notes. As a connoisseur of erotic engravings, heís their best chance. But another is looking for the forgers with just as much talent and secrets to hide. Bride and her sisters move in with Ewan to be closer to the trail of their missing fifty-pound note plates and the ones abusing the tools of their trade.

Of course Ewan sets out to seduce the not so reluctant Bride. However no sparks are flying. Maybe because too much is expected of a master of erotic arts. Nothing risky is exposed and so the story fails to make a lasting impression. What does stand out is the heroine. Bride is not a virgin and itís no big deal. She enjoys sex and missed it when her first lover disappeared. What are missing are a real connection with the characters - especially Ewan - and a better feel for the period in history. A complain not often voiced when it comes to Madeline Hunterís books, and as such it came as an unpleasant and unexpected surprise. Playing it safe, Lord of Sin is entertaining and sometimes intriguing, but itís not a book to belong on a keeper shelf.

Reviewed in April 2005 by Kris Alice.

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