by Dawn Atkins

March 2005
ISBN: 0-373-79180-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #176
Mass Market Paperback

Forced into going on a ‘ten days, five cities’ book tour with another author sounds like ‘severe punishment’ to author Kathleen Valentine. And when she finds out who the other author is, she realizes that ‘severe punishment’ is about to turn into ‘severe torture’ --- in more ways than one!

For the other author is none other than a lover from her past, one that she never forgot, one that she had been madly in love with until fear drove them apart. Author Dr. Daniel McAlister is known as ‘Dr. Moderate’ and his sensible ideas on self-discipline and restraint are making his books fly off the shelves. His thoughts and ideas are completely opposite of Kate’s --- who has been dubbed ‘Princess of Pleasure’ and ‘Queen of Excess’. Kate’s last book hasn’t done well in the sales department and her agent decides that this book tour would be a great opportunity.

Total opposites in ideas, personalities, lifestyles and choices, Kate and Dan vowed to keep the book tour professional in every way --- believing it would be the only way to survive the sensual torture of being together again after ten long years.

But love had other ideas for the destined-to-be-together couple. Before they’re ready to admit to themselves that their feelings for each other never died, Kate and Dan succumb to temptation. What follows is a whirlwind of emotions that swamp them both, leaving them to push past the fear that had driven them apart so many years ago, and find a love that is ---- pleasurably --- for them both ‘going to extremes’.

Ms. Atkins is a wonderfully sensual writer who brings out the emotions and characteristics of her hero and heroine to perfection. The reader is able to follow along as both Kate and Dan learn to compromise and make changes in their lives in order to finally be together. The love story is very sensual and deep. This is one of those books you love to recommend to readers looking for the perfect “sensual foray into the world of true love’.

Reviewed in April 2005 by Kari.

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