by Sophie Kinsella

March 2005
ISBN: 0-385-33808-2
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Emma Corrigan hates flying. She hates it so much that a little turbulence finds herself wondering if her feet will touch land again. She becomes so nervous she finds herself spouting out all of her life secrets to the stranger next to her on the plane.

But was he really a stranger? Come Monday morning, Emma will get the surprise of her life when she discovers the handsome stranger, who now knows every intimate detail of her life, is the owner of the company she works for. As he singles her out for attention and makes it very clear he remembers every little detail of her schpell, Emma finds herself in a situation growing more awkward by the moment.

As fate and destiny seem to have brought these two together, will the stars be able to help them overcome the fact Jack knows all about Emma? With delightful characters and witty, snappy dialogue itís obvious to this reviewer that Kinsella has done a marvelous job. Thoroughly entertained, I wanted this book to last forever.

Forgivably human, Emma will capture readerís hearts with her optimistic outlook on life. Problems, she has them, but her spirits seem to remain high in most situations. Very few times do we really see her get down, but even then, she quickly snaps back and attacks life with a zest few of us have or see in others. Perhaps this is what will make her a favorite for a long time in the hearts of several readers.

One canít miss reading this book. If you enjoyed Bridget Jones or the Shopaholic series you will find this every bit as entertaining if not more so. Highly recommended to all fans of chick lit, and to those leery of chick lit for whatever reason, believe this reader when I say Kinsella is one of the few at the very top of the genre. And if your wondering if your vivacious heroine will get her happy ending? Well, that I canít say, youíll just have to check this out for yourself!

Reviewed in May 2005 by Katy.

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