by Jaci Burton

March 2005
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Nevada “Velvet” James is tired of being an analyst for NCA. She wants to be in the thick of the action like the agents that she deciphers messages for, and now she has finally gotten her wish by being accepted into the agent-training program. The only problem she has, is that she won’t be able to talk to “Midnight” anymore. Even though she has never met the agent, Midnight has featured in some of her most erotic dreams, both sleeping and awake. It isn’t until the night that Nevada can’t decipher his cryptic and garbled message that she begins to admit to herself that she is letting fantasy start to intrude into her reality, because she will never get the chance to meet the mysterious Midnight. On the drive home she is finally able to figure out where he told her to send backup to, so she decides to check it out and see if she would be sending other agents in on a wild good chase of a mission to save one of their own. Although good intentions don’t always end up the way that people want them too.

Tyler “Midnight” Call has thought about the sensuous voice of “Velvet” for a while, imagined what her luscious body would look like, how she would sound with his hands stroking over her body. But those were just fantasies, and reality was not even close. While hanging onto the underside of a moving semi Tyler hoped that Velvet was as smart as she seemed to be, or he was in serious trouble. He never thought that she would actually show up at the warehouse he was hiding in, or that the meth makers would hear her and come running. He also didn’t think that she would drop her identification so that the bad guys would know who she was. If that wasn’t all, NCA has decided that it is time to start training Velvet to be an agent, and he has the distinguished honor of being her new trainer.

How are two people who want each other so much suppose to keep their hands off each other while one of the people is trying to protect the other one from those that want her dead and train her at the same time? Will they make it through the dangerous times ahead, or will one of them make the ultimate sacrifice to save the other? You will have to read the story to find out the answer.

Midnight Velvetis a masterpiece of danger, suspense, and fiery passion. Jaci Burton’s ability to bring such realism into her stories is what makes them so popular. Anyone who is a fan of Ms. Burton’s work will not be disappointed by the characters or the storyline for Midnight Velvet. Nevada is a definite take-charge woman that won’t put up with any man’s crap for long. Tyler is one of the most passionate alpha males that I have had the pleasure to read about. He is also abrasive at times and arrogant in his own right. He will do whatever it takes to complete the mission, but when a beautiful brunette waltzes into his life he starts to think more about saving her, and less about the mission.

Reviewed in April 2005 by Angel.

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