by Ann Jacobs

February 2005
ISBN: 1-59596-135-6
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Who amongst us is brave enough to say that after many years of marriage that the sex has become somewhat automatic? Who amongst us is even braver enough to do something to spice that up? Something that your partner would never imagine you would want to explore? Thatís what Nancy Gerard wants to doÖspice up the sexual part of her marriage.

Nancy and Josh have been married for 10 years, and are raising a family. Like many of us they have to fit romance into the slots left from their hectic careers, and family life. Each has a high powered stressful job, and for Nancy she wants to have one part of her life where she can just be a participant and not have to make any decisions. In fact she wants to be totally submissive to one person, and that person is her beloved husband Josh.

Josh at first isnít sure what to think of the changes that occur to Nancy, but as he loves his wife, he is willing to explore the world of BDSM that she seems to now be interested in. When she hands him a personal invitation to a club heís at first reluctant, but checks into it for his love of Nancy.

Josh isnít sure what to expect at Memberís Only. It however doesnít take him long to start feeling comfortable. He joins the exclusive club, buys some toys, and sets a time for Nancy to join him there.

Through their experiences at Memberís Only Josh and Nancyís sexual lives are reignited, and while they donít always play, the play has heightened both their releases, and given them both a pleasure that they didnít realize was missing from their lives.

Not all readers enjoy stories of BDSM, so Hearts and Handcuffs might not be for them. Hearts and Handcuffs is a quickie read, and enjoyable.

Reviewed in May 2005 by Sandi.

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