by Kyra Davis

May 2005
ISBN: 0-373-89519-4
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Trade Paperback

Sophie Katz is a murder/mystery fiction writer. She knows all about sub-plots, location and getting away with murder; in theory anyway. When she starts to see a dubious plot between sensational murders committed states and months apart, she keeps quiet. There is nothing worse than a writer with an overactive imagination. This state of obliviousness lasts for all of a week. The paranoia began with a glass that may or may not have been shattered by her spoiled housecat, Mr. Katz. No reason to panic, just because it is a scene in her first novel; Sex, Drugs and Murder, and she had received a creepy note stating only: You Reap What You Sow. Naw, this is just her writer’s imagination creeping up on her.

Sophie was flying on a `beat the deadline for a book` high and decided to treat herself to a heavenly Grande Carmel Brownie Frappuccino at Starbucks (where else?) when Anatoly Darinski, begins the drizzle that soon becomes the rain on her parade. He steals her newspaper, right out from underneath her questing fingers; the last newspaper at that. Deep breaths and Frappuccino in hand she decides to ignore the Neanderthal and continue with her celebration in caffeine induced silence rapture. It turns out that the gorgeous, foreign mouth-breather will not let her. After much deliberation she condescends to speak to him, and finds that he does have a few redeeming qualities.

More scenes are reenacted from Sex, Drugs and Murder (what kind of sick person was she that she had that many death scenes in her book?) and Sophie is anxiously trying to solve the other murders before her own occurs. This is in between being burdened with her mothers lethal (yeah, right) bladder infection, her sisters menacing son, her hairdressing best friend Marcus is getting better looking guys than she is, Dena`s (the sex-shop owner and tester) vampire wannabe boyfriend and Mary Anne`s awe that the same person who shot JFK just may be after Sophie.

Kyra Davis is a new author who’s book Sex, Murder and a Double Latte is not to be missed. Her wit and macabre humor shine through Sophie. This book is Chick Lit meets Hitchcock. With plenty of laughs, drama and a few grisly murders, Sex, Murder and a Double Latte has something for everyone. I have to say that I am anxiously awaiting Sophie and her rag tag group’s next adventure. This very hilarious whodunit is masterfully executed and keeps you guessing up the conclusion. With a cast of wacky friends and family to keep Sophie going quietly insane, I have to say that Ms. Davis did a great job balancing mayhem and humor. Dena is a sex-maniac, and her boyfriend Jason is just a maniac. Mary Anne is sweet, and pretty and …vacant. Marcus is divine, with gorgeous dreadlocks and an even more gorgeous boyfriend. Anatoly is somewhat a shady character, but who cares with a body and accent like that? I proudly give Kyra Davis top rating for her first effort.

Reviewed in April 2005 by Jodi.

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