by Reese Gabriel

February 2005
ISBN: 1-4199-0157-5
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Jake Waylon’s unexpected arrival at Jilly Cartwright’s home sends butterflies fluttering in her stomach. Jake is the hottest, sexiest, and all around most audacious man Jilly has ever known. He does things to her that no other man can make happen to her body. Too bad she’s determined to end their so-called relationship in the hopes of marrying Doug Bluefield, a man she has recently begun seeing.

Jake has no intention of taking no for an answer. He wants Jilly and he intends to have her. He knows he can make her change her mind as she responds to his dominating nature like a moth to a flame. She’s his little filly and he has no intention of letting her forget it.

Jilly wants to earn her nursing degree. She wants stability and a family, and unfortunately she knows she won’t get that from Jake, who rolls in and out of her life like a tumbleweed. But can she settle for Doug, who will provide her with a safe future, but well… he doesn’t excite her sexually, especially compared to Jake who can control her libido with a mere snap of his fingers.

Will Jilly settle for a future with a man she doesn’t love, or is she courageous to go after the man she really wants?

Roping His Filly is a very erotic, BDSM-themed story that, while a fun read, is mostly a fluffy story with little substance. The characters, while starting out as very interesting and even intriguing, seem to eventually just fade into two people who can’t seem to make a decision about love.

Jake has issues that really don’t get resolved in the story, while Jilly vacillates so much in the story that in the end, this reviewer just felt frustrated with her. Nevertheless, if you’re in the mood for an erotic read that won’t make you think too much, Roping His Filly is sure to please as it is, despite the character flaws, a swift moving story with a pleasing storyline that will definitely satisfy any reader’s craving for a happily-ever-after.

Reviewed in February 2005 by Sarah.

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