by Evelyn Vaughn

February 2005
ISBN: 0-373-51344-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #30
Mass Market Paperback

In the next installment of the twelve book series, Athena Force from Silhouette Bombshell, we meet Faith Corbett. Faith is a woman trying to find her place in the world.

Thereís a killer stalking the streets of New Orleans. The police are baffled until one of them starts getting phone calls from Madam Cassandra. She claims to be a psychic with knowledge about the murderer and she knows that heíll kill again. Heís targeting psychics and she wants the police to catch him before anyone else dies.

Faith Corbett has hidden her identity behind the alias Madam Cassandra. She works in the crime scene lab and doesnít want anyone to know that she can sense things no one else can. Unfortunately, her dropping clues to the police has drawn the attention of the killer. Now heís hunting her and she canít ask for help without blowing her cover. The detective in charge of the case doesnít believe in psychics, but she canít help being attracted to him.

Having been different all of her life, she longs to find out what and who she really is. She has no idea who her father is. Do all of her abilities come from him or is she just a freak of nature? Her mother moved them from town to town, trying to hide Faith from someone. Now Faith is ready to find out the truth even if it destroys her life. But will she find it out before the killer finds her?

Faithís abilities are fascinating to see in action. Sheís a complex character trying to find a place to fit in. While she might not find the perfect fit in New Orleans, she finds one sheís comfortable with. The interaction between her and the other characters is interesting to see evolve. I would have liked to have learned more about Roy Chopin. His character seems more two dimensional than the rest. The story is fast-paced and the action is high adrenaline.

Contact is a page-turning adventure. Itís great to read about a woman who doesnít always need a man to save the day for her.

Reviewed in February 2005 by Jenni.

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