by Multiple Authors

March 2002
ISBN: 1-59105-066-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Novel Books Inc.

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When I pick up an anthology, I usually expect four or perhaps five novellas. So you can imagine my surprise to find no less than thirteen delightful short stories in this eBook. They are the winners (and also, I believe, a couple of runners-up) in the first Novel Books Inc. short story contest, and yes, each one in its own way is a winner.

Writing a short story can be as challenging as writing a full single title novel; even more so in some cases, because the writer doesn’t have the luxury of time to present her characters or develop her plot. So finding so many charming stories in one neat package is a real treat – they are all romances – so for romance lovers it’s a double treat!!

They may be all about love, but the settings and characters are as many and varied as stars in the sky. The hero and the heroine may be brought together by chance or have known each other since school. The heroine may be lost, alone, divorced and broke, while the hero may be broke, lost, alone and divorced. They may meet in a hotel at a class reunion or in a magical kingdom where the world is glittering with winged faeries. He may be younger than her, or uncounted generations older (and already dead!!). She may have children, or be far away from her home. Whatever the environment, however, the message is the same – true love will find a way and lovers will be united, despite what may seem like overwhelming odds.

So if you are in the mood for something a little different, and don’t have enough time to get lost in a full-length novel, try this book (also available in paperback), and see if you like these vignettes of romance. The romance is sparkling, the sensuality is implied rather than overt and the lovers always triumphant. In the interests of fairness, I mention that this book contains stories by: Jamie Disterhaupt, Del Tinsley, Janet Miller, Lizzie Starr, Cyndee Somerville, Sharon S. Hartley, Lori A. MacDonald, ACJ Leveille, Shelly Gail Morris, Linda Carroll-Bradd, Penelope Marzec, Shauna Roberts, and Elysa Hendricks. Congratulations to everybody – delightful tales that are delightfully written.

Reviewed in May 2002 by Celia.