by Cheryl St John

February 2005
ISBN: 0373293399
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin
Mass Market Paperback

Shelby Station, Nebraska 1868

No mother should ever have to bury her child! That is the painful horror that Amy Shelby has lived with every day for over a year. When the tiny casket containing her only child was lowered into the ground so was Amy’s heart. To cope Amy has put up walls around herself, and has shut out all those who love her, including her husband, Jesse who is also grieving the loss of their toddler son. Amy mechanically goes through her duties in helping run the stagecoach station she and Jesse co-own with her widowed father. At night when she climbs into bed with Jesse, the once passion-filled nights they would both find are gone.

The accident that claimed the life of little Tim also had other casualties. Jesse’s beautiful, loving wife Amy is gone. In her place is a woman Jesse no longer knows and who only tolerates his touch. To deal with the grief Amy will not share with him Jesse finds solace in the bottom of whiskey bottles, and the cold bunk in the barn where he has moved. With the unexpected death of his mother and the arrival of his twelve- year old nephew, Jesse realizes that he and Amy could have a second chance at a brand new family. Maybe rebuild their crumbling marriage, and rekindle the love they once knew.

Award winning author Cheryl St. John demonstrates once again her powerful voice in historical literature with another bestseller of family love and honor in her newest book Prairie Wife. I was caught up so quickly in this sweet, poignant story of the Shelby family and their struggles to survive the terrible loss of a child, and trying to carve out a life on the untamed prairie of Nebraska. Jesse’s effort to overcome his alcohol addiction was all too real,(a very emotion-charged detox scene, and not for the weak of stomach) and Amy’s love for the husband she shut out after the accident that took her son, wins out in the end to triumph with the founding of a new start and new family for them both.

Reviewed in February 2005 by Bonnie.

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