by Melani Blazer

February 2005
ISBN: 1-4199-0109-5
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Hearing a sound in the middle of the night, Brehann Williams wakes up to discover that her good friend and one-time lover Sebastian Bernecchi is parked outside of her house after his car died. Bree hasnít seen Bash in two years, ever since the death of her fiancť Luke. Itís very strange that he shows up on the anniversary of Lukeís death.

The heat between Bree and Bash is as strong as ever, despite Bashís two-year absence from her life. In that time, Bree hasnít dated much, instead, she spent time coming to grips with Lukeís death and the disappearance of Bash, who was just as much her best friend as Lukeís.

Bashís reappearance in her life isnít quite the mundane event that Bree would have expected. Instead, riding on the coattails of Bash comes a mysterious black corvette that seems to be stalking Bree. Itís as if the possessive ghost of Luke isnít willing to let Bree go, even from beyond the grave. Could the car be somehow connected to Luke and Bash?

Hot Rod Heaven is a paranormal erotic read that somehow lacks a definite connection between Bree and Bash. This reviewer wasnít able to see their lust as anything more than attraction; even their friendship seemed somehow very one-dimensional. Added to the lack of personal chemistry between Bree and Bash was the fact that plot seemed to drag a bit in the middle, though it picked up again in the end.

For me, the one saving grace of this story was the intriguing and mysterious plot surrounding the corvette and Bashís sudden appearance. Ms. Blazer was definitely able to create a very tense and ominous situation surrounding the car. To discover the truth about Luke, about Bash, and even about Bree, I kept reading until the very end, where Ms. Blazer does manage to nicely wrap up the storyline and make the characters form some semblance of a connection.

Overall, this story had an intriguing plot that kept me reading despite the rather boring characters. But based on this story, Iím not sure if I would read another Melani Blazer story again.

Reviewed in March 2005 by Sarah.

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