by Shara Jones

February 2005
ISBN: 1-4116-2340-1
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Becoming a temporary live-in nanny is the answer to Angelyn Winters prayers. This will give her a place to stay while she sells her home. With the capital she will receive, she can embark on her dream; opening a daycare center. She does not expect to become attached to her ward, or his handsome father. Angelyn has no room in her life for a man. Recently widowed, she cannot fathom putting herself into another man's control. She exchanged a terrible and domineering father for an abusive and domineering husband, now that she is finally free, she does not want to give up her freedom or her dreams.

Rick Lawson, also a widower, is definitely not on the lookout for a new mommy for his four year old son, Cory. He is suspicious as to why a beautiful young woman would want to take care of someone else's family, instead of finding one of his own. He doesn't believe in love. His childhood and subsequent marriage showed him that love is ephemeral. He and his son will do fine on their own. What he doesn't expect is for Angelyn to sneak past his defenses and lodge herself into his heart. Can he convince her that he is nothing like the men in her past, and can she make him believe in love?

Tall, Dark and Daddy is a poignant and heartwarming romance between two wounded people, trying to rebuild their lives after major tragedies. This book will pull tears from you as well as make you laugh through said tears. Ms. Jones balanced the hardened Rick with the sensitive Angie perfectly. Angie's immediate response to Cory is heart-wrenching. Angie is a strong character, stronger than she thinks, and it is interesting watching her discover these hidden talents. I cannot tell too much more without giving away the grande finale of the plot, but the twist Ms. Jones has incorporated at the end of this novel came as a complete surprise. Tall, Dark and Daddy is not a book to miss.

Reviewed in May 2005 by Jodi.

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