by Shiloh Walker, Mary Wine, Lora Leigh

February 2005
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Djinn’s Wish by Shiloh Walker

Tamric chose to become a Djinn, a magical being capable of great magic. He wanted to live a more fulfilling life. What he did not realize is that he would be bound to serve each of the women who hold his magical mirror. He has served, and serviced, many women over the millenia, but now he will do anything to regain his freedom. However, when he meets his new mistress, he believes he has that chance but as time passes, he realizes that to gain his freedom he will have to deny the woman he has come to love, her most fervent wish.

Dream – Paying Up by Mary Wine

N.B. Paying Up is loosely connected to the Dream series.

Christina Faulkner is danger of welching on her bet. She lost a bet with Shane Jacobs and now he’s back to pick up his payment - and her. Shane hasn’t forgot his reaction to alluring Cristina and he means to claim what is his forfeit, and his woman.

Cowboy – Cowboy and the Thief by Lora Leigh

Book 2 in the Cowboy series

Jack Riley has something Angel Manning wants. He is in possession of ancient Torque that has been in her family for centuries. And Angel means to have it back. When her father sells Jack the Torque Angel tries to steal it back. When Jack catches her in the act he lets her know that he is not giving it – or her - up without a fight.

A Wish, A Kiss, A Dream is sweetly romantic and sizzling hot all at once. Sighing is not optional it is required when you get your hands on this one. Great plots and even better characterization make this one of the best reads so far this year.


Reviewed in April 2005 by Cynthia.