by Sarah Zettel

April 2005
ISBN: 0-373-80218-8
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Trade Paperback

The legends of King Arthur and Camelot have fascinated people throughout the centuries. Stories of the Knights of the Round Table abound and sometimes itís hard for a reader who has read many of them to get excited about another story coming out. Sarah Zettelís In Camelotís Shadow proved there were still some legends that needed to be told.

For Camelotís Honor is the story of Elen of Wales. While Elen is away, a rival chieftain murders her entire family. She makes vow to use all her considerable powers to exact revenge and take back her land. Unfortunately, Elen learns too late of the true power behind the killer. Morgaine, the sorceress who has vowed to destroy Camelot, has chosen to interfere with Elenís life.

Now Elen must decide how to fight a woman and another chieftain. What can she do when they will use her heart against her and force her to betray all she holds dear? Having made a bargain with the High King, she must find the courage and trust to face all her enemies and ultimately triumph over them. With Sir Geraint, one of the High Kingís nephews, as her only friend and companion, Elen finds she has more than revenge on her mind. Will honor and love triumph over all the darkness Morgaine can throw at her?

Ms. Zettelís portrayal of the women of the Arthurian time period seems believable. Elen is a warrior who is just as willing to fight for her family and lands as any man. She has to make terrible decisions and faces the consequences with courage and honor. Through her journey, Elen realizes that love, sacrifice and honor arenít just words, they are very real and shape the direction her future goes. Sir Geraint is a true knight. Heís learned at the knee of his uncle what honor, even though he knows the High King has his own secrets. When love begins to dictate his actions, his choices shape the man he becomes. The story tends to slow down in places as Elen and Geraint travel to far away places, but the overall pacing is good. Morgaine is depicted as a strong woman in her own right, even if she is the villainess.

Pick up For Camelotís Honor and take a mystical journey through the legends and myths of Wales and Camelot. It will leave you waiting eagerly for the next story in the series.

Reviewed in May 2005 by Jenni.

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