by Jennifer Cloud

February 2005
ISBN: 1-59578-086-6
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Six months ago the idea of leaving her job and moving in with her boyfriend in North Carolina sounded like a great idea! Now months later as she’s been verbally and physically abused one more time, she thanks God that she’s figured a way out. Without letting Darren White know, Leigh Cavil has found a new job and plans to take off with what little money she has been able to save.

However circumstances become a bit more complicated when Leigh meets Avery Sands who she discovers is a police officer with a story that even she doesn’t want to believe. It seems that Darren is not just a jerk but also possibly a killer. It seems the local law enforcement have reason to believe that Darren may have killed up to twelve women and left their bodies to decompose in the nearby mountains. What is even more insane is that the police want her to change her plans and stay in the apartment and the relationship long enough for the police to set Darren up and put him behind bars.

Once Leigh agrees to the plan, she works closely with Avery and the local authorities to keep a close eye on Darren and report his whereabouts. When Avery is using binoculars and cameras to keep an eye on Darren, what he doesn’t expect to discover is Leigh in the middle of a little self-pleasuring. Is this purely coincidence or is Leigh intentionally giving him a peep show?

Things become a bit more risky for Leigh when Darren asks her to go away for the weekend to a little cabin in the mountains that he knows about. Leigh knows her life is in serious danger and it is clearly Darren’s plan to make her his next victim.

As the story enfolds, Leigh will continue to put her own life in danger in order to help put Darren behind bars where he belongs while still finding real passion in the arms of the man who plans on saving her.

This is a shorter e-book and it seems that in the amount of pages allowed, it is very hard to mix the perfect blend of spicy romance and suspense in one story. In this particular case, I think the author did have two good storylines going however I’m not sure they always blended well together. There is however one particular voyeuristic scene that I found particularly hot! I’d be interested in reading other books by this author that were strictly romantica.

Reviewed in June 2005 by Shelby.

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