by Maureen Mackey

June 2005
ISBN: 1-58749-503-1
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Jane Humphreys has quite a reputation as a bluestocking. She is also known to have an extremely strong personality, something most men find very offensive. Randolph Wares, the future Earl of Ashton, thinks that she is just what he is looking for in a wife. After serving in the military in wartime, he is bored by the simpering misses who are in search of husbands during Londonís season. The fact that Jane has no interest in marrying him does nothing to cool his ardor. In fact, he is so sure of his conquest that he even makes a bet with his cousin that he will turn Jane into a model wife within six months of marriage.

Jane has done everything she can to dissuade Randolph from marrying him. She has told him of her wishes, she has pretended to be stupid; she has even shot him. Still, he is forcing her to become his bride. There is only one thing she can do, and that is to fall in love with her husband.

The Marriage Duel is a delightfully charming story by Maureen Mackey. With this story, Mackey proves that she is an exceptional writer capable of creating engaging stories with witty dialogue, dynamic plots, and mesmeric leading characters who complement each other perfectly.

Jane and Randolph were destined to be together. With every exchanged word and each shared glance, the chemistry between the two of them becomes more intense, and they sizzle as a couple. Their duel to deny the truths of their hearts is highlighted by the side-splitting banter that they trade back and forth.

The marriage duel represents a contest to both Jane and Randolph, but it will not represent a challenge to romance readers. This is one story that is bound to thrill from beginning to end.

Reviewed in July 2005 by Natasha.

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